Meteorological Technology

It is impossible not to mention the important role of weather in daily life, that's why Vietba Media has had experienced not only in providing and consulting weather information for events, businesses of many economic sectors. We have specialized weather news on television in Vietnam, including:
1. Good morning program - VTV: News "Thoi tiet nhin the gioi"
For the first time on VTV1 channel, a weather forecast in cities in the world with live camera format is provided. Officially broadcasted since 2012, the daily news has given viewers many beautiful images in cities worldwide with live videos of the ongoing weather. Through the small screen, the audience will see the best moments of the seasons in the cities as well as getting accurate weather forecasts.

2. "Ban tin hoc duong"
A specialized weather forecast program on school topics to provide students and parents the comprehensive information on: health, transport, clothing, nutrition, entertainment and sports .. A program with accurate weather information as well as helpful advices to guidance both parents and students to have enough information before leaving home to school.

3. "Thoi tiet du lich"
As a travel guide for audiences who love to explore and travel. With this weather forecast program, the audience will be provided with the weather's information at the tourist destination as well as useful advices for people journeys.